FAQs: Unboxing Your Questions 🤔

What is Meme Surprise? 😄

Meme Surprise is an online meme generator that allows you to create customized, unpredictable, and absolutely kickin' meme experiences! Meme Surprise offers two exciting products: "Text-to-Meme" and "Gift-A-Meme".


What is Meme Surprise's "Text-to-Meme" generator? 🤖

"Text-to-Meme" is an AI-powered meme generator that transforms your fun fact text input into customized memes tailored to your preferences. 


How does "Text-to-Meme" work? 📝

Simply choose between our Jpeg & Gif offerings and type-in your desired text. Our meme generator will create your meme and send it straight to your inbox!


What is "Gift-A-Meme"? 🎁

"Gift-a-Meme" is a unique offering that allows users to personalize memes to have them sent as gifts to friends and family.


How does "Gift-A-Meme" work? 📝

You'll need to provide us with the occasion (like a birthday or graduation), your chosen level of roast (from wholesome to savage), and a fun or weird fact about the person you're sending it to. Oh, and we'll also need the recipient's email or phone number to deliver the meme.


Can I see the meme before it gets sent? 🕵️

Sorry, no sneak peeks here! The fun of "Gift-A-Meme" is in the mystery. Trust us, it's worth the wait!


How long does it take to receive the meme? 🚚

When gifting a meme, you have the convenience of selecting the delivery date that best suits your occasion.

Text-To-Meme orders are delivered same day, ensuring instant smiles and laughter.


How are the memes delivered? 📬

Memes are delivered via email. You have also have the option to deliver by text (only available for "Gift-A-Meme")


What's your refund policy? 💸

Due to the custom and digital nature of our products, we generally don't offer full refunds. But your happiness is important to us! If you're not satisfied, get in touch within 48 hours and we'll see how we can make things right. Check out our Refund Policy for more detailsRefund Policy


How do you ensure the memes are appropriate and respectful? 🙏

Respect and a positive vibe are at the core of Meme Surprise. We aim to create laughs, not hurt feelings. All our memes are crafted with care to be funny, not offensive or harmful. If you feel a line has been crossed, let us know – we're here to listen and learn.


If you still have questions or just want to chat about memes, drop us a line at support@memesurprise.com. Let's meme it up! 🚀